Prezentuojame moterišką motociklizmą Lietuvoje

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This is an open space for all women who drive motocycles and are interested in this particular hobby. Your age, education, social status or your views are not important. It does not matter what biker club you belong to or what model is your bike. What is important is the desire to drive the motocycle in a feminine company, to drive in a DIFFERENT – eventful, meaningful, interesting, easy way. In Facebook space we will share our feminine driving experience and subtleties, organize themed, educational trips by the routes of interesting cultural and etnographic heritage and places of attraction in Lithuania and beyond. If you are initiative, have a bike and a wish to travel on your metal horse – join us, travel together, offer and organize themed trips, gatherings or other. If this idea appeals to you, we are waiting for you with your experience and wisdom. We invite to share this post in your environment where there can be a woman secretly dreaming to join the company of the women bikers long ago, who has a bike but sometimes feels lonely or lack ideas on how to spend her free time. See you here and on the road. FEMININE SOLIDARITY IS UNRESTRAINABLE POWER!!!